3 Running Mistakes Beginners Make

Running is one of the best fitness activities all around. It is affordable, simple to do, and it’s great to get or stay in shape. There are, however, a few mistakes that most, if not all, new runners make. And sadly, they become the reason most people quit running after a few days or weeks.

Running Too Fast, Too Soon

Running too fast, too soon is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. And the reason is simple. Running is hard work and uses some of the largest muscles on your body. That’s one of the reasons why new runners get out of air after running just a couple minutes.

Also, running puts a lot of stress on your joints and bones. If you do too much running without letting your body get used to the demands of the sport, you can get hurt very easily.

The solution: Get into running gradually. Begin by walking. Then, gradually add a little running to your walks. Soon enough, you will be running like a champ.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Running is a high-impact sport and puts your muscles, bones, and joints into a lot of stress. But the good news is that running shoes are made to take some of that impact. That’s why, even though you could go running barefoot (and some people do, by the way) you should not skip on running shoes. Otherwise, you are increasing your chances of getting hurt.

The solution: Go visit a good running store and get yourself a nice pair of running shoes. And yes, they are more expensive than regular sport shoes, but the benefits are many.

Having the Wrong Mindset

Running is a demanding sport, both physically and mentally, and can be frustrating sometimes. After all, watching TV or surfing the net is easier and less physically demanding than running three miles. And if you don’t have a goal for running, you will get discouraged very quickly.

The solution: Run for a cause. Have a purpose. Have a goal. Why? Simply because if you have a reason for running, no matter how cold is outside, or how busy you are, that one reason will help you put on your shoes and hit the road.

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