Alternative Places to Shop for Holiday Gifts in San Diego

Why get a present for someone that’s the same old thing? If you live in San Diego there are many alternative places to shop then the mall, department store, and you’re usually Wal-Mart. Instead, you can go to alternative stores and purchase your friends and love ones gifts that they don’t usually receive. Here is a list of places in San Diego to shop at if you want something unique to give as a gift.

Village Hat Shop
(619) 683-5533
3821 4th Ave
San Diego, CA

Everyone loves to wear hats, so why not get your friends one for the Holidays? This kind of gift is not only unique, stylish, but also very useful. If you’re looking for the perfect hat you can find it at the Village Hat Shop. This hat shop is one in a kind, and offers a variety of styles. You can find your average baseball cap, to an old style cabbie hat or even a bowler. They also sell cowboy hats, berets, fedoras, panama, and more. These hats come in cotton, leather, suede, velvet, and all kinds of materials. Plus, for the holidays they have hats that fit the occasion. From Santa hats, to unique holiday hats you can find a gift that will make you’re love ones happy.

Bath and Body Works
(619) 235-6610
211 Horton Plz
San Diego, CA

Looking for a gift that smells good and helps someone to relax? Bath and Body Works has many gifts for any holiday occasion. At this gift shop you can find lotions, soap, body wash, aroma therapy, spray, perfume, and other gifts that smell great. For the body they have many different body butters and lotions. Some of them include flavors like: vanilla spice body butter, Cranberry Butter Scrub, Mango Body Butter, Coconut body scrub, and more. They also offer different kinds of makeup that you can purchase that are also good for the skin. Some types of the makeup they sell include: Cranberry Brilliance Powder, Holiday High Shine Lip treatment, and many other types. The Bath and Body Works shop is very affordable so you can buy all sorts of different unique fragrant and lotions for a reasonable price.

Hustler Holly Wood
(619) 696-9007
929 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

If you want to find other unique gifts but that are more for adults Hustler Holly Wood is the store to go to. This store offers sensual and adult novelties. Hustler Holly Wood offers items like body lotions, lingerie, underwear, and other adult gifts. They also offer sexual items like adult toys, videos, and magazines. So if you know someone that likes erotic items this would be a great store to get holiday gifts. They offer many gifts that fit any holiday occasion.

Cookies by Design
(619) 295-4083
9450 Scranton Rd Ste 112
San Diego, CA

If you’re looking for a gift that can cater to all ages and is very sweet you can get it at Cookies by Design. At this gift store they don’t sell ordinary cookies. The cookies that they sell at Cookies by design cater to the holidays. The cookies that they sell are so detailed that they aren’t just delicious but are pieces of art. They have cookies that are decorated like reindeer, Santa Claus, Elves, and all designs. You can also even have them make custom design cookies that cater to you’re desire. These sweet gifts are not only unique but will make your family and friend’s sweet tooth’s tingle.

So if you live in San Diego and want to shop somewhere else besides Target, or K-mart you can shop at these unique stores and get your family a gift that they will remember and love.

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