Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and Gifts in Frankenmuth

It’s that time of year once again. The family is in a frenzy, the malls have become a crowded mess, and the pressure is on to find the perfect gifts, decorations, and deals. That’s right. The holiday season is here, and to make it all slightly less stressful, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is here to the rescue. Open year round, Bronner’s can make holiday gift giving easy, help locate hard to find or personalized gifts, or can help to enjoy and appreciate the holiday spirit after the holiday stress has worn down.

Located in Frankenmuth, Michigan, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is the world’s largest year round Christmas store. On any given day of the year, the Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is decorated and well light in the spirit of Holidays. Located on a well illuminated 1/2 mile long Christmas Lane,and with a replica of the Oberndorf, Austria, Silent Night Memorial Chapel, life size nativity scene, and “silent Night” hymn echoing on it’s grounds,Christmas is truly celebrated and enjoyed by all year round. For 60 years the Bronner family has been offering it’s holiday services 361 days per year to more than 2 million customers annually.

The fascination with Bronner’s goes far beyond the excellent customer service, or the intrigue of year round holiday joy. The Bronner family truly goes out of their way to include all nationalities, languages, religions, beliefs and budgets. The bible, for example,can be found here in more than 20 languages, decorations and gifts from 70 nations are on display, and more than 50,000 items can be found in their massive 7 acre warehouse. The selection available is the largest I have ever seen. More than 1,000 Precious Moments figurines and over 800 Hummel figurines are readily available. Bronner’s also offers more than 500 styles of Nativity scenes, 6,000 styles of ornaments in over 70 languages, more than 350 decorated Christmas trees, and over 700 animated figurines just to name a few of the many enchantments. Bronner’s offers gifts, collectibles, interior and outdoor home decorations, trees, books, postcards, wreaths, and more. Order personalized ornaments for yourself, your home, family, teacher, staff, or customers easily.

According to the Bronner’s website, “visitors purchase more than 1.3 million ornaments, over 700,000 feet of garland, nearly 100,000 postcards, and over 135,000 light sets annually”. Those numbers are staggering, but as a Michigan resident who has a long line of memories at this year round wonderland I know those numbers are very well believable. Purchases can be made in person, on the web(www.bronners.com), over the telephone by calling 1(800)361-6736, or through the store catalog but I truly recommend visiting if possible. If your family, like mine is so caught up in the stress that you have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, enchant yourselves with the beauty, spirit, and history of the holiday season no matter what your beliefs or customs. The 27 acres of beautifully decorated property truly is magical. For more information about this magnificent wonderland or to browse their products online, please visit their website at www.bronners.com or to learn more about Frankenmuth and plan a stay please visit www.frankenmuth.org.

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