Camping in Southern California’s San Clemente State Park

The Summer Itch
The tell tale sign that summer is coming is this sudden itch to be jump out of your office chair and run free in the wind. As summer draws closer and closer, it isn’t too early at all to begin planning a camping trip for family or friends. Whether you’re married with children or starting summer vacation to return to your high school buddies, camping is the ultimate summer group activity. For those with the itch, San Clemente State Beach is the spot to go to this summer.

San Clemente Beach camping. You read correctly, beach camping or in layman terms: camping in the beach. The San Clemente State Beach is a 1 mile strip of beach between Los Angeles and San Diego. This mile of beach can provide tons of fun in the sun for just one day or the whole week.

Camping Fun
So what is so great about this San Clemente State Beach? You can camp on it. There is a beach to do “beach-ly “activities in which includes: water fights, body boarding, boogie boarding and surfboarding which is popular in San Clemente. The Reserve America website, a page to book campsites, describes San Clemente as a popular place to go skin diving for lobsters. Of course, there’s the sandy beach itself in which you can sun bathe under the Californian sun.

In addition to beach activities, San Clemente SB also offers a number of trails for you to hike and explore to get more of a camping feeling. There are also many picnic areas overlooking the beach. There are public grills, so prepare to pack your juicy steaks for a camp cookout or just catch some lobsters.

If you don’t want to commit to a full camping trip, you can come out for just a day of San Clemente. The picnic areas are open without reservation but if you don’t make the camping commitment those areas will probably be taken also.

Camping Amenities
On each campsite is a campfire area and access to clean showers and restrooms. The distance to the restrooms depends on your campsite. There are several restrooms scattered around the campgrounds so be sure to ask or refer to the campgrounds map when making your reservations.

You get one parking spot per camp site reserved but additional vehicles can be parked for an additional fee. However, with camp fees at only $25 a night for the high season, you can pay for the camp fees and the parking fees for 10 cars and still have a great time at prices cheaper than a hotel elsewhere.

San Clemente SB offers over 160 campsites so you might say that your chance of getting a good spot is favorable. Contrary to the high number of sites available, obtaining a spot at San Clemente is actually very difficult during the high season which starts in March and ends in November!

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