Chad Kichula is a Blue-Collar Man!

If Bruce Springsteen , Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash moved to Canada and combined all three of their DNA samples to create a love-child… his name would be Chad Kichula!

Chad, a small-town, married with kids “average” guy from Canada, made his mark in the music scene back in 2009 with his hit song, Another Love, which he had to sell his truck for in order to create and pay the music bills.

Now, after gaining success these last few years across the Great White North, Chad has his sights on crossing the border into America with his upcoming album, A FIRE.

“[With the new album] I want it to speak for everyday, hardworking people. It’s been decades since Rock music of this sort has had any popular appeal. Which I find interesting, as Rock music was never intended to be just about the rich and famous. For me, the best thing that any music can do is connect and bring people together. So with this record I’m reaching out, and I hope someone is out here with me.”

And the hit track off the new record (which is already climbing the iTunes charts) is titled, Blue-Collar Man, which critics are describing as, “Blue-Collar Rock and Americana; Cash swinging his hammer, as Springsteen leans on the throttle.”

In his own words, Chad says the single is, “One of the few songs that I’ve written about myself. Twenty years old and quitting University, all to be a blue-collar man. In writing this song, I’m looked back at my decision years later. After all the challenges I’ve met, I know I’ve made the right choice.”

For people searching the music box for touching, “real” music that is hardly made in this technology-obsessed era, look no further than Chad; His music will speak to your heart, and take you on a wild adventure.

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