Child Custody Battles and How Divorced Parents Can Cope

The real challenge often comes after you have finalized your divorce. The parents begin to struggle for their children’s affection. It may not neccasarily take two to cause the fight, it may take only one domineering parent who wants his or her own way. Instead of thinking about your children and putting their interest first many parents keep disputing by continuously filing motions on irrelevant issues in court. Some have even tried to prove that they should get full custody because the other is an unfit parent.
Or they may suggest that the child would be psychologically damaged by living with the other parent. Having an emotional response and fighting fire with fire will not be an effective solution. The key issue that you should be focused on is what is in the child’s best interest. If a parent is too demanding they may lose custody and even have their visitation privileges revoked. Sometimes and estranged spouse will try to deceive others by introducing misleading problems. You should be willing to be reasonable and be willing to negotiate a fair agreement.

Only in extreme circumstances can each parent have the freedom to act as a parent when he or she has the child. Each parent should have the freedom to express his or her feelings and values and have the child share in the parents lawful activities. There are usually three possible outcomes after a court hearing, the first is joint custody. Many judges feel that it is important to maintain contact between the child and both parents. Usually they reason that this is based on studies that show children may suffer less stress and emotional harm after divorce if the parents are able to share custody. This way they will not feel abandoned by one parent, and the child would have a sense of being loved by both of their parents instead of just one.

The second possible outcome is sole custody. The court may award sole custody to the parent who they feel is better equipped to provide for the needs of the child. A judge may decide that the custodial parent be the sole decision maker regarding important issues, which concern the child’s well-being. They usually arrive at this decision after listening to the assessors findings. The third is limits on visitation privileges. It is very unrealistic for parents to view child custody as a win, you lose situation. Success in raising your child is not directly tied to legal custodianship. Regardless of what decision is finally made you will not want to belittle the other parent in an attempt to destroy your child’s relationship with them.

Child custody can be an emotionally draining event for the entire family. Your children will definitely need plenty of reassurance and love after such a sever family breakup. Be patient and kind and interested in the children’s feelings and listening to their expressions.

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