Cure Those Wintertime Blues

It happens every year. The snow comes, the days shorten and everyone around me gets really grumpy. I will admit it gets to me at times but I try my best to not allow the lack of sunlight to affect my mood. I don’t think it’s just the snow and the bitter cold, I have friends who live where snow refuses to fall and they feel the same sense of gloom.
You can’t make winter go away but you can make it more bearable. You may find it’s simply a matter of perspective or a lack of fresh air. Maybe you are just plain bored. Find some ways to liven up your life and you may find waiting for spring to arrive a little less depressing.

Take a Vacation

I know this is obvious but not everyone can afford to jet off to more exotic climes each year when the temperatures drop. If you it’s within your budget what are you waiting for? If Cancun or the Bahamas are out of the question consider something a little closer to home. Pick a destination that remains warmer than where you live. Texas, California and Florida may not be experiencing summertime temperatures but they may be a lot warmer!

Make Your Summer Plans

If you can’t get away right away, make some plans for summer. Go ahead and dream about those beautiful summery days. Plan a family get together or a trip you’d like to take. Having something to look forward to will make the winter days much more bearable.

Get a Tan

Nothing says ‘summer’ like a tan. The sun is no longer a necessity for a healthy glow. Self-tanners have become better and better over the years and if you buy the right brand no one will know it came from a bottle. Self-tanners are a far healthier option than baking in the sun anyway!

Summery Scents

Are there certain scents that remind you of summer? Surround yourself and fill your home with them. Pick up citrus flavored air fresheners and perfumes for yourself. Go to the local florist once a week and buy fresh cut flowers with lush summer scents and colorful blooms.

Plant Life

If you don’t want to splurge on fresh flowers consider plants that bloom in the winter months. Placing a just a few in your home can lift your spirits dramatically. During the winter months the world outside seems dead and lifeless but you don’t have to feel that way in your home. A few great winter blooms are begonias, amaryllis, lavender, African violets and azaleas.

Have a Picnic

Do it inside of course! Spread out a blanket on the floor and dig out your picnic basket. Make all of your favorite summer picnic foods, squeeze some fresh lemonade and ask your family to join you. If you really want to make it seem authentic get out the insect spray.


If you life close to a botanical garden now is the time to visit. Wander around at your hearts content and enjoy the amazing blooms and green vegetation that grow year round in a controlled environment. Don’t forget to stop by the nursery and pick up a winter blooming plant for you home.


Get out your bathing suit and invite your friends over for a beach party! You may want to turn the thermostat up for this so it’s nice and toasty in your home. Make summery blender drinks and concoct lei’s for your guests. Whip up a summertime menu and choose tunes that remind you of summer. If you are feeling really brave go out and purchase a kid sized pool and fill it with sand for added fun.

Enjoy Winter

Remember what it was like to be a kid. It didn’t matter how cold it was or how wet we got as the snow melted through our clothes. Remember the days when flying down a snow covered hill was the highlight of any day. Go outside and enjoy the beauty of winter and sled, ski, skate or make snow angles and snowmen.

Gain a Little Perspective

It may be cold and icy but remember summer will return. Though it’s drab and dreary I go with the idea that winter makes me appreciate the warm breezes of summer even more. I never take the summer months for granted because I know they will soon be gone. Know that the world outside isn’t dead it’s just sleeping. Soon enough the trees, plants and flowers will bring beauty into your life once again.

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