Hi-Point Compact 9mm Pistol Review

If I had to choose between my computer and my pistol, I would choose my pistol.

Before purchasing my pistol, I really had to get permission from my wife and her concern was safety. We have three children which we would never want any harm to come to and of course we would not wish any harm to come to ourselves, so in our case, we demanded a pistol that was as reliable in both operation and safety. Our choice was surprising affordable.

Costing us only $145 with tax, the HI-POINT met our every demand and more. This pistol has more safety features than any other firearm that I have encountered.

• Chamber Observation Port: Allows you to visually inspect the weapon for the presence of a live round without having to pull back the slide.

• Thumb Safety: Simple switch locks the slide and disables the trigger.

• Magazine Lockout Safety: Will not fire without a clip in the magazine even if there is a live round in the chamber.

• Last Round Hold Open: When you have expended all of your ammunition, the slide locks open.

• Passive Internal Drop Safeties
Sear Block: a spring loaded plate keeps the weapon from accidentally discharging should it be accidentally dropped on its rear

Counter Weight: A special weight counters sear movement so the gun will not accidentally fire should it be dropped on its handle.

In addition a trigger lock is included at no additional charge to the buyer.

Sure, it’s safe, but what about reliability? Do you expect me to believe I can trust my life to a pistol that only cost $145?

When I first fired the pistol, it jammed. In fact the first few times I fired the pistol it jammed. That is because it was BRAND NEW and so were the magazines. There is one hundred round break in for the HI-POINT C-9; after that I can almost personally grantee you will have no further problems. I haven’t. I can even perform fast firing without jamming. In my experience the Hi-POINT has proven more accurate and can fire tighter groups than other more expensive compact pistols.

The best part: this is from the HI-POINT manufacturers homepage.

All Hi-Point Firearms carry a Lifetime, No-Questions Asked Warranty.

If any Hi-Point Firearm is ever need of service, please call 877-425-4867

Whether you are the original purchaser or a third-hand owner, your Hi-Point firearm will be repaired free of charge. So if you purchase this pistol for your father as a gift and he decides to sell it or give it away, the LIFETIME WARRANTY goes with it.

You can’t beat that kind of value for $145.

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