How Moms Can Get a Good Night Sleep

At night you are usually looking forward to enjoying a sound sleep. Especially after you have spent most of the day dealing with your children. But there are some that have difficulty falling alseep. Even the slightest sound can cause them to toss and turn. Or they may be continually thinking about what they need to get done the next day. Unfortunately by the time you fall asleep, the alarm clock seems to go off only about and hour or so later.
Most people get an average of six to eight hours of sleep. Sleep has four different stages. First you fall into a light form of sleep and then you will gradually progress to the final stage of sleep which is your deepest sleep. During quiet sleep, the pulse, respiration and blood pressure are relatively low and steady. This type of sleep provides time for your body to recuperate. Also there are certain proteins that are synthesized to be used in brain restoration during the following period of active sleep.

There are several things that can cause you too lose sleep at night, other than your children. Physical illness or even low blood sugar can cause some sleeplessness. Also researchers have found that a calcium deficiency may cause you to lose sleep. Another thing that will help you get your needed rest is not drinking caffeine containing beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda late in the evening. And even though many people recommend that you should take a nap when your children do, many doctors have found that this will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.

You can induce your sleep by following a few steps. First set up a regular time for you to relax. You should do this at least an hour before you would go to sleep. Make sure that your children’s bedtime is at least 2 hours before yours. This will allow you enough time for yourself. If you plan on heavy a snack before bed, you will want to avoid food that is too heavy. Fruit is usually a good bedtime snack. Also if you are looking to get back into shape you can include a short walk as part of your wind down routine. Many doctors will even recommend that a warm bath and some light reading will help you to fall asleep.

Or they may recommend some chamomile tea, or my favorite a little wine. Some doctors have been known to suggest medication to help you fall asleep. Although this will help you to get a good night sleep, it may cause a problem if you have young children that may need your attention at night. So if you are going to take some type of medication to help induce sleep, make sure you have someone to care for the kids during this time. Many sleep specialist do recommend against habitual use. And this is also the risk of addiction that you have to be worried about.

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