How to Lap a Heatsink

Lapping a heatsink is a common practice by overclockers and tech savvy users to increase the thermal performance of a heatsink. In a lot of instances this will lower the temperature of your main core chip thus increasing its lifetime. We take NO responsibility for any damage done to your computer/yourself in this process.

Materials – In order to begin lapping the bottom of your heatsink smooth you will need to collect some materials.

-Sand paper of varying grits 240, 400 and 600 are the most common


-Something to clean the heatsink off with later

-Flat heat screwdriver (Optional)

Preparation – To begin lapping your heatsink you must first remove the heatsink from your computer. This is done by finding the clip (Usually has 3 holes) on the top of your heatsink (near the top of your motherboard) and most likely there will be a little indent for you to put a screw driver in. Put your average 4mm flat heat screwdriver in and hold on to your heatsink. Apply pressure to the screwdriver until the little holes go under the ZIF socket clips and then release so that the heatsink is free. If you have some rubbing alcohol handy clean off the bottom of your heatsink of any thermal paste.

Lapping procedure – To lap your heatsink lay your heatsink face down so that you can see the bottom of it. Begin with the lowest grit sand paper and sand it in an up and down motion as straight as possible. Keep moving up in the grits until you get as flat a surface as possible. When you are done take some cleaning alcohol or just some soap and water and clean off the bottom of your heatsink. You should be all ready to install your heatsink again. Just put on some thermal paste and reverse the steps from taking off your heatsink.

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