Kathy Najimy Thinks I Have it All Together

My Interview went really well. I wasn’t nervous at all. Kathy is so funny, which helped avoid any nervousness I would have felt otherwise. I’ll post a summary of what we discussed.
k: So I saw your website and was really impressed. Are you a full-time writer?

s: I write part time. I am a dispatcher as well, but I plan on going back to school in the fall for my master’s degree in psychology.

k: Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

s: I’m 24, but I act much older compared to my friends.

k: you seem to really have it all together. You have such a self-awareness that comes through in your writing.

s: thanks. That really means a lot.

k: so tell me, what do you think femininity and masculinity means?

s: I just want to define feminine and feminity first, that way there is no confusion. I used to think that a feminist is someone who hates men, but I took a “philosophy and gender” class at Rowan University, and it completely changed my perspective. My professor was a feminist, and she was also feminine. By feminine I mean soft, emotive, womanly, attractive. Feminists are people who are FOR gender equality, which means both genders being treated the same, getting the same benefits…we are still far from that. Also, I learned that men can be feminists too, without necessarily being feminine or emasculated.

k: that’s a really good point. I’m glad you brough that up. The word feminine is usually portrayed as a negative trait. What do you think masculine means?

s: well, most people associate masculinity with power, and being the breadwinner, but that’s not always the case. I for one, am not looking for a man to support me financially. I want to earn my own money, no matter what. Self reliance is important to me.

k: self-reliance is important, but there’s nothing wrong with a little sex now and again.

s: that’s true. :giggles:

m: Kathy has a sex diary! It’s not very big though.

:more laughter from everyone:

k: thanks so much Sarah for sharing your views. Do you have a website?

s: yes, you can go to associatedcontent.com and do a search for P-Chan Stockton.

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