Knitters Sound Off About the Funny Things Non-Knitters Say

My husband has listened to so much knitter-speak over the years that he has learned to turn a deaf ear when I start talking about my FO (finished object), WIP (work in progress), and whether or not I should frog (rip out) my latest project. I’m not the only one saying and doing comical things, however. I might give him a chuckle, but he’s just as likely to bring a smile to my face with one of the questions he asks or things he says about my knitting.

Once, for instance, I wanted to book a trip to a knitting show that would be taking place in September. Looking at the calendar and realizing it was only March, he remarked, “But you might not even be interested in knitting by September.” I laughed all the way to the knitting show.

I asked some of my favorite knitting friends to share their favorite comments by non-knitters. If you’re a knitter, you might be able to relate to a few of these!

“A man told me that he thought only old fat ugly women knit!” – Gina, knitting for one year

“Someone once said, ‘You should sell those! I bet you could get $10.’ Unfortunately, the yarn cost me $15.” – Terri, knitting for eight years

“Some knitting friends and I were having lunch together in a diner near my LYS (local yarn store). We were having a little show and tell and chatting. One of us had a beautiful hand knit shawl and we were admiring when the waitress came over and asked if it was (wait for it!) macrame.” – Amy, knitting for five years

“A 7th grade boy recently came to my after school knitting club. He said, ‘I am here to knit a hat.’ He didn’t know how to knit, but he expected to sit down and complete a hat in one session. I did inform him that he would have to learn how to knit first.” – Christine, knitting for eight years

“Stranger: ‘What are you knitting?’

Me: ‘A sock.’ (hold up a sock on double pointed needles)

Stranger: ‘I don’t think that’s a sock.’ -Tracey, knitting for seven years

“‘You could make a lot of money selling that stuff! I’d give you $20 for a scarf like that.’ The materials cost $30.” – Kristen, knitting for seven years

“‘Oh, I could never have the time/patience to do that.’ It’s usually said while sitting idly doing nothing.” -Jacqui, knitting for five years

“I hate when people walk up to me while I’m knitting and say ‘Oh wow, my Grandma crochets too!’ Ugh!” – Cassie, knitting for two years

Do you knit? What funny things have non-knitters said to you about your knitting?

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