Ten Free or Cheap Places to Go with Your Kids

Are you strapped for cash but still want to go somewhere fun with your kids? Check out the following free or cheap ideas:

1.State Museum
Most states have a state museum located in the capital city. For example, Tennessee
has the Tennessee State Museum located in downtown Nashville. Indiana has the Indiana State Museum located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Why not take the kids to the State museum? The museums are usually free or they request a small donation. Your children will have fun while learning a few things about history at the same time.

2.The Local Walking Trail.
Does your city have walking trails? If so, take a walk on the trail. It’s always free and full of things for the kids to see; squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, trees and flowers. It’s a great way to get exercise too.

3.Indoor Playground.
Eat lunch or dinner at Chick-fil-A and your kids will have a blast playing on the indoor, soundproof, playground. Did you catch soundproof? That’s the best part. You can catch up on some reading or chat with a friend while the kids are playing in a safe environment. Remember, they’re closed on Sundays.

4.Ice Cream.
You don’t have to spend a fortune taking the family out for ice cream. Go to your nearest McDonald’s instead for a $1 sundae or a $1 ice cream cone.

5.Family Night.
Several fast food restaurants including, McDonald’s, Arby’s and Hardee’s, all have Family Night different times throughout the year. The kids eat for $1 and may leave with their face painted and a balloon for free. That’s not just cheap entertainment but a cheap dinner too.

6. Library.
Libraries offer events for children such as Story Telling Time that are free of charge. Even if you can’t make the special events, you can still enjoy the library with your kids. Libraries have more than books too. When you’re tired of watching the same movies over and over with your kids, rent a few new movies for free.

7. Pet Store.
Maybe you don’t like pets or maybe you love pets, either way, children love animals. Fish, salamanders, frogs, rats, guinea pigs, birds, dogs and cats can all be found at your local pet stores. Stop by for a visit and your kids will love it.

8.Craft Store.
Check out your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby or other craft store for cheap or free kids’ crafts on Saturdays.

9. Dollar Store.
Treat your kids to a new toy from the local dollar store. It’s cheap for you yet fun for the kids. Teach them how to make choices too by only allowing each child one item. From stickers to crayons and stuffed animals, there’s something for everyone at the dollar store.

Don’t forget the obvious, playing outside with your kids. Throw a frisbee, go to a park, have a picnic, make a leaf collection, throw the ball, do a scavenger hunt or take a walk around the neighborhood. Kids love being outside. Join them for some invaluable, quality family time. It won’t soon be forgotten.

No cash doesn’t have to mean no fun for the family. There are plenty of things to do that are free or cheap. Now, get out there and do something fun with your kids.

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