The Beaches of Panglao Island

Visitors to the Philippines are drawn to the country by its’ renowned tropical getaways. The country’s many islands are blessed with white sand beaches and diverse aquatic life. Many consider their experience in the islands as one, if not the best, they had ever had. However, many take the usual route of flocking to the more common destinations.

Adventurous guests have discovered for themselves places that they have kept secret, their own piece of paradise. Panglao, Bohol is one of this secret paradise. The province of Bohol is part of the Visayas region located south of the main island of Luzon. Its’ capital Tagbilaran is just a 1-hour plane trip from Manila. From there, a variety of public transports such as taxis, multicabs and vans for rent can take you to the beaches of Panglao Island. Here are the more popular ones:

Alona Beach

This one and a half kilometer stretch of soft white sand is perhaps the best beach in Panglao. Southwest of the island, it is shared by different resorts that cater to any spending preference. Eating is no problem considering the assorted cuisine offered by the different restaurants. Diving establishments are available for lessons or to rent scuba/snorkeling equipment.

The best quality of the beach is that you don’t have to swim far. Using ordinary snorkeling gear you can observe the nearby reef through clear water. For scuba fans, you can rent boats to take you to deeper reefs or the nearby Balicasag and Pamilacan islands. A note of caution however is to watch out for those prickly sea urchins.

Dumaluan Beach

Located east of Alona, Dumaluan beach is a common destination for locals. The exclusive Bohol Beach Club is located here for those who want privacy. The shallow depth of the water makes it ideal for families. However, snorklers have to swim farther out.

Bikini Beach

Complemented by lush palm trees, huts and benches, this beach, 8 km from Tagbilaran, is frequented by locals for gatherings and picnics.

Momo Beach

Another white sand beach located in the northern part of the island.

Doljo Beach

The source of breathtaking seashells is blessed with fine white sand. The deep calm water, undisturbed coral reefs and diversity of fish is ideal for scuba diving.

With the number of choices, relaxing is easy. Read a book while sipping your favorite drink on a hammock stretched between coconut trees. Close your eyes while the sound of waves crash on the shore and lull you to sleep or enjoy the warm caress of the sun on your skin while you lie on the powdery white sand.

Experiencing the Panglao paradise is surprisingly inexpensive. It has not suffered the same fate of the more famous destinations that have become over-commercialized. The gradual development of Panglao not only preserved the pristine condition of its’ beaches but maintained its affordability as well. This suits the locals and the tourist’s just fine.

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