The Extra Terrestrial Illegal Alien Problem

No part of the following post is real. None of the comments were taken from actual sights. None of the links are to actual web addresses. None of the referenced documents are real. It is all made up….but what if it wasn’t?

A video was uploaded on YouTube four and a half days ago entitled, ‘We apologize for not telling you sooner’. In it a man and a woman walk up to a podium and begin speaking. The camera shows them walk with a broken gate as if they had some sort of mild muscular disorder in their legs up to the podium. They speak for several minutes, then look at each other. He brushes his hand against his lapel pin and she touches a broach she wears. Their faces shimmer for a bit and then reveal their alien nature. They look at one another again with an expression that can only be described as worried; and turn, arm in arm to walk away. The female lays her head on the males shoulder just before they move off camera. Below is a transcript of the speech that was also posted as the first comment on the video and the next nine comments after that. The video went viral after the ninth comment on the second day.

Transcript of We Apologize for Not Telling You Sooner

A man in a charcoal grey business suit and a woman in a white knee-length dress amble up to the podium and begin speaking.

Man:”I bring you greetings and salutations in the name of a people you do not yet know exist. We have been amongst you for some time now just trying to blend in and make a life for ourselves and our families

Woman:”We are here because where we come from is dying. We can no longer survive in the environment we created and allowed to exist there any longer so we have come here seeking a better way.”

Man:”When we arrived originally back in the 50’s it was easier to blend in and hide amongst you. Attitudes were more neighborly, people more friendly, and help more readily given to a stranger. Our ships were able to approach behind and on heavenly bodies such as asteroids or comets without detection. Recent and planned satellite launches will soon make that impossible.”

Woman:”Over time though we have watched society change due to global and internal events. People are less trusting. The openness that once existed allowing a stranger to help a stranger has been stifled. It has become increasingly difficult to live our lives and raise our families along the principles which we hold dear. We can now see a time when it will be impossible for us to continue to exist in secrecy.”

Man:”Many among us have long thought we should have approached you openly back when we first arrived. They say our principles of honour, truth, and openness have been compromised for too long living a double life as we have.”

Woman:”To this end it has been decided we can no longer live in hiding, no longer conceal who we are.”

Man:”The American people have always been strong. You have always accepted the foreigner into your lands with open arms if they have the abilities to contribute and wish to become free as you are. We have those abilities. We have that desire. We will gladly contribute in anyway we can, if you will accept us.”

Woman:”I now call on all of our people to reveal themselves publicly. Go to the local authorities and submit yourselves to their judgment. Accept their decisions and agree, peacefully to live with the rules they impose. This is the burden we must bear because of our transgressions on your laws, which you hold so dear; and which we also would like to be in full compliance with so we may also enjoy their protections.”

Man:”It is with great regret we tell you these things and apologize for not trusting your good nature in the first place.”

Woman:”We apologize for not having told you sooner.”

A faint buzzing is heard twice then ten seconds of silence before the man and woman walk away from the podium.

End transcript.

Comments on the YouTube Video

User967: “what bad acting and awful special effects. You didn’t even see those neck gills moving”

FormattedOne: “Well duh, gills are for water and whoever told that ‘woman’ what to wear was obviously colorblind. It totally doesn’t go with that orange complexion

TinsleGal42: “Yeah, they look like they ate a $#!+ton of tanning pills. Who would ever believe an alien would have that kind of crappy skin?

Area51Skeptic: ” Well, did you see how they walked? Clearly they’re just some cripple welfare king and queen looking for attention and a handout.”

Thebeerwarrior: “I wonder how long it will be before they come out of the closet with this gag on some hack morning news show so they can cash in?”

Guest:Comment deleted

Guest: Comment deleted

Southernbellbaby: “That’s not very nice. I don’t think people from the south would appreciate that or being compared to these two losers. But talk about illegal alien, sheesh. I wonder how long it’ll be before the president will try to spin this into his web of domestic and global insecurity so he can declare martial law and finally complete his take over of our system?”

USnewshound: “Bell you’re an idiot go back to the fake Apollo landing sight where you posted out of before you hurt your brain on real news. You guys need to check out these links to a story that’s taking over the headlines on all the news outlets [link] I think this is real…”

Excerpt of news story from the wire

…Texas has seen its violence perpetrated by illegal aliens. Now they find themselves on the front lines once again, but this time looking for domestic perpetrators of violence against a different kind of illegal alien. Gang related graffiti, or tagging as it’s called, from Lucky Seven’s gang has been springing up all over Texas. The Lucky Seven’s have a long history of Mexican cartel sponsorship in drug and human trafficking along the border. FBI and Texas law enforcement officials have spent in excess of forty million dollars on surveillance alone concerning this one gang. Recently, across most Texas metropolitan areas anywhere the Lucky Seven gang tagging has appeared so have the words ‘Aliens Out’. Within days of those words appearing in Lucky Seven ‘turf’ multiple murders and suspicious deaths of suspected Lucky Seven gang members occur along with many other unidentified people. An anonymous FBI source has reported some of those ‘unidentified bodies’ were from known militia groups such as Americans for America who have a history of sometimes violent clashes with authorities over the issues of immigration and racism. Could these ‘unidentified bodies’ be members of the alien race that recently revealed themselves to be living amongst us to the shock and horror of regular, normal US citizens? Only time will tell but the FBI is not formally releasing the identities of any of those other bodies, which begs the question, why?

Blog from AstroNuts Observatory titled ‘Comets don’t break apart in space’

Recently I’ve been watching all manner of comets and asteroids. You can get pretty good visuals these days with the equipment an amateur can get on the open market. I was a professional astronomer for thirty-five years and have built much of my own stuff that’s way better than anything commercially available. Since the Gillies or Catfish or whatever you want to call them showed up I’ve been concentrating not so much on planetary searches but more for these other heavenly bodies.

The violence in Texas, Arizona, Washington State, Ohio, and other places the news has been reporting on recently has also picked up and I have to wonder why? Recently I started parcing photographs I took of Asteroid 2005 YU55 that passed within a quarter million miles of earth back in November. I found some startling evidence. Here are some links to my photographs I cached from the NASA website that photographed the asteroid during its pass. Don’t bother to look for them on NASA’s sight because they’re not there anymore [links to four photographs that have since vanished from the internet and AstroNut’s blog as well].

As you can see there are what can only be called four distinct square objects moving away from the asteroid as it’ passes the moon heading toward the dark side of the moon. I urge any and all professional and amateur astronomers to begin scanning all near-earth objects for other items like this. We are looking at what I believe to be an invasion force staging on the moon. We need to get a satellite or rover up there and do some reconnaissance before we’re caught flat footed by a full on alien invasion designed to wipe out and subjugate the human species

We already have close to a million of the Gillies out in the open now. Why they’re being allowed to roam freely is beyond me. They should be rounded up and put into locations where they can be watched before the invasion begins and they unleash untold destruction with whatever alien technology they’re currently hiding from us. When will America wake up and stop bickering about what to do? When will America realize we are on the brink of the greatest destructive changes our world has ever seen? When will America wake up and realize the rest of the world isn’t going to wait for us to act forever? If we don’t take matters into our own hands soon someone else will, and then we’ll have the Chinese or Russians in our lands as well as an extra terrestrial concern. Then what will we do?

News story off the wire covering the violence associated with the aliens in the United States

An incident in Canton, Ohio yesterday caused a stir when one of the displaced alien persons was arrested by city of Canton police for violent behavior and making terroristic threats. The individual in question appeared disoriented by human standards ranting in broken and slurred English about how humans were the cause of its problems and should be more helpful. The brief twenty seconds of video released by the Canton police department contains many expletives but the individual can be clearly seen threatening the authorities before it is tazed and subdued


Department of Defense classified memorandum posted on the wikiblowersforfrreedom.com website

The following is a reproduction of an alleged Department of Defense order obtained by Wikiblowersforfreedom.com. No other evidence either online, in print, video, or interview has been obtained corroborating the contents of this memo nor has any US official commented on or off the record concerning this alleged memo. The existence of the mentioned ‘DAP Kit 32’ has also not been confirmed nor mentioned anywhere else. All US military personnel now carry loaded sidearms at all times, however. Additionally, no openly revealed Displaced Alien Person can be found on any US government facility, installation, base or gain access to one. No information of the contents of the DAP Kit are available at this time.

To: All US commanders

From: Secretary of Defense, Stephen J. Doldorvick

Subject: Displaced Alien Persons on and around US Military instillations

All base commanders are to immediately remove or replace any Displaced Alien Person found to be on any United States military base. Further, no Displaced Alien Person is to be allowed onto a United States Military base, PX, commissary, post, consul, embassy, or other government facility. The use of deadly force is herby authorized in any case where a Displaced Alien Person resists the removal or attempts to forcibly enter any of the above mentioned government facilities.

This order is not to be read publicly, posted publicly, or discussed in an unsecured environment. Individual base commanders are to spread this order verbally down their chain of command after utilization of DAP Kit 32. The DAP kit is to be considered TOP SECRET and never to be left without two tested attendants. Failure to comply with either of these instructions is grounds for immediate incarceration at Fort Leavenworth to await a general courts martial for treason.

End memo

The document is copied the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, Director FBI, and Director CIA. All copied parties have not to this date made any statement of any sort, including ‘no comment’ when questioned concerning this memo.

Chat room log discussing the viral video depicting the execution of four US Servicemen after a terrorist attack on a Buenos Ares discotheque

The following transcript of a chat room session was posted to the internet on several sites along with copies of the Buenos Ares video by USNewsHound. In those posts he stated he was on the run because of the logs and he never even got to post the video link at the time. Since then he says the ‘Black Helicopter’ crowd has been trying to pick him up and everyone needs to get the word out. What follows is the transcript of that chat room session.

USNewshound: “Ever since the unmasking on YouTube I’ve been poking around. Did you guys know there are sixteen minutes at the end of the BA video they never showed on the news?”

JackBootedOne: “Yeah. I saw that before the sight went black. It’s been hopping around various host sites. You got about an hour before the site goes down but someone keeps putting them up as fast as they’re torn down.”

Guest2345: “I haven’t seen it. What’s it show?”

USNewshound: “You haven’t seen the BA video???!? Where have you been living, under a rock?”

Guest2345: “Dude, some of us have jobs and actual lives you know.”

JackBootedOne: “Well, its’ the same as the one the news keeps showing where the bomb blows up the club and those four army guys stumble out all bloody, but the end is important after the fourth guy gets shot.”

JesusGal12: “OMG that’s soooo awful. That alien just shoots those three wounded soldiers in the head in cold blood. At least the fourth one gets a couple punches in before he gets shot.”

USNewshound: “Yeah, alien, right. You obviously haven’t seen the last sixteen seconds no one wants you to see. I’ll give you a link in a sec as soon as I find the new site but you’ll have to go quick. It’ll be gone soon.”

JesusGal12: “What does it show though?”

USNewshound: “It shows the ‘terrorist’ running away and he doesn’t walk all screwed up and gimpy like the Daps do. He’s running like hell is on his heals flat out. No way that guy was a Dap, no way.”

JackBootedOne: “Nope. He was pure-strain human but the news keeps telling us it was a Dap, and people seem to be believing them. This is gonna get ugly in a hurry.”

JesusGal12: “Well, Georgia has already called out the National Guard and appealed to the president for military advisors. The governor says she doesn’t want a repeat of the race riots back in the sixties. We’ll be fine.”

JackBootedOne: “Yeah, you’ll be fine, sure. You keep your head in the sand like that and before you know it they’ll be knocking on your door. I wonder who keeps tearing down all those”

USNewshound indicates the transcript ends here due to internet connectivity problems with the chat room session. A link to a video entitled ‘Bob Smith interview’ is always attached to the Newshound posts. Thirty seconds after you scroll past this section the video will automatically play if it’s still available as a popup.

Bob Smith Interview

The following is a transcript of the Bob Smith interview from the Charley Jackson Live show.

Charley Jackson: “Welcome back. I’m not going to waste anytime for this next segment because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. My next guest has asked that we call him only Bob Smith though he has agreed to be seen on camera. Mr. Smith welcome.”

Bob Smith: “Thank you Charley.”

Charley Jackson: “You don’t want to use your real name but you’re okay with us showing your face on camera, why is that?”

Bob Smith: “People know me by my name, and have for many years. I don’t want all that I was able to accomplish and build destroyed or thrown out because of a prejudice that has no basis in fact.”

Charley Jackson: “You say a prejudice without a basis in fact, why?”

Bob Smith: “Charley, we’ve been here for years working beside you, playing beside you, raising our children beside you. All we’re looking for is a home and a better life for our families the same as you. We’re not interested in an invasion, enslaving the human race, or robbing this planet of it’s resources. Anyone who believes that has been watching too many of the liberal Hollywood movies.”

Charley Jackson: “You said not based in facts. Isn’t it true violence involving Displaced Alien Persons is on the rise?”

Bob Smith: “Charley, that’s disingenuous and frankly I would expect better of you. The numbers opponents of ours keep throwing out there are violent incidents in which one of my people has been involved, but if you look at the police reports in 98% of the cases we are the victims in those incidents, not the perpetrators. We’re being painted as dangerous to American society by our opponents and we’re anything but dangerous.”

Charley Jackson: “Why would you have opponents and why would they want you, as you say ‘painted as dangerous?”

Bob Smith: “We have suspicions but without any hard evidence I’d like to refrain from commenting on that here.”

Charley Jackson: “Surely you can give us…”

Bob Smith: “I’m not going to comment, Charley.”

Charley Jackson: “Mr. Smith our viewers…”

Bob Smith: “We can end the interview here if you continue with this line of questioning or we can discuss other topics. The choice is yours, sir.”

Charley Jackson: “Fine, fine. With all the, ah, ‘negative’ press currently surrounding your people what are your next steps?”

Bob Smith: “We’re in talks with the federal government concerning several sights in the continental United States where we might be able to relocate our people and establish a permanent home for those who wish to move.”

Charley Jackson: “Wish to move? My sources say relocation will be a requirement.”

Bob Smith: “This is America, Charley, home of the free. For those who wish to remain where they are they should be allowed to do so.”

Charley Jackson: “But Mr. Smith, you’re not Americans. You admitted you came here illegally in your video unmasking. The protections of the US Constitution don’t apply to non-citizens, at least not until the Supreme Court rules otherwise in some future case.”

Bob Smith: “Charley, our home planet is in hospitable we came here because Earth is the closest approximation to our home providing us the best possibility to live a good and better life. The freedoms Americans enjoy are not taken for granted or lost on us like they are for so many who have grown up here. We are fully capable of contributing valuable services to this country that can make it even better than it already is.”

Charley Jackson: “There are other places you could go?”

Bob Smith: “Of course. The universe is full of planets that can support our life or human life for that matter. We came here because we see a kindred spirit in the human soul. We see a people who blossom fully when they are turned loose and unfettered by totalitarian restraint. We wish to thrive and grow along side you.”

Charley Jackson: “There are some that claim this is all an elaborate lie so you can invade and plunder our natural resources. After all, this isn’t your home what’s to stop you from using up everything here and moving?

Bob Smith: “Charley, that’s just plain false. We’re using up the last of our resources to get here. The ships that are bring us will only be able to make a few more trips before their power supplies are exhausted. And you’re right. This isn’t our home, but it will be thought of as home by our children who are born here. We’ll make sure they value this planet as much as you do, that they feel obligated to defend it and protect it just as humans do.”

Charley Jackson: “Does it need defending and if so from whom or what?”

Bob Smith: “I’m not at liberty to discuss that topic for national security reasons.”

Charley Jackson: “You’re privy to national security now too?”

Bob Smith: “I am allowed to say we are in current discussions with the NSA and other branches of the federal government providing technical information and advice on a wide range of topics.”

Charley Jackson: “You don’t think that news would alarm some Americans?”

Bob Smith: “No. We want to be Americans. We would never do anything to hurt this country or it’s people.”

Charley Jackson: “But there are threats out there to our planet from other aliens like you?”

Bob Smith: ‘Not like us at all, no. Let me just say that a unified house, or planet, standing together can beat back any threat. We can help that house become unified, and just as your forefathers gave up even their very lives to save their country we too are willing to make any sacrifice for this planet. Any sacrifice.”

End Transcript

A badly lit video shows a Displaced Alien Person from a distance on some sort of the set of a television interview show. The alien is seen removing a micro phone from his tie and walking off a TV set. The video bounces as whoever is holding the camera dashes out of the darkness and into the hallway of the television station after the alien. The camera follows the alien down several hallways and around corners through some double glass doors into a lobby. Once in the lobby there are a large group of athletic looking men in suits who gather around the alien and move toward the front door. Quick movement from the right side can be seen as a man wearing a short sleeve shirt and ski mask dashes out. Someone screams and several gunshots ring out. The alien falls to the floor and the suited men split into two groups, one protecting the alien and the other group chasing the man who has run down a hallway. Two of the athletic men protecting the fallen alien spot the camera man. The camera is dropped and the video ends.

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