The Solution for Iraq

The mess in Iraq is dragging on way too long and Americans are growing weary of it. The main reason is that al qaeda ( the global islamofascist terrorist factions ) and Iran have combined forces to try to see that the U.S. loses everything there. We’re hearing that Iran has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the Iraq insurgency movement from their end.

So what’s the solution? Keep U.S. troops there for another ten years? There’s even talk of dividing Iraq into three separate countries now, which is not acceptable to anyone who doesn’t want this effort lost. It would be a last ditch effort to prevent a civil war.

But I think I’ve just thought of the perfect solution. Rational self interest.

If we can invoke the rational self interest of every single Iraqi towards fighting these terrorist insurgents, it will be won and Iraq will remain a country.

How can that be done?


All of Iraq’s rich oil resources were previously controlled, owned if you will, by Saddam Hussein, who abused them for his evil ends. Among libertarians and Objectivists, I hear suggestions that the oil resources should now be privatized, but to whom? If they were sold off to the highest bidder, who would get the money from the sale? And then they could just wind up with big corporations using the oil for corrupt purposes to politically dominate the country.

No, I have a much better, much more elegant solution that will seize the self interest of each and every Iraqi and get them to unite like never before to save their country.

Give every adult Iraqi an equal number of shares of ownership in Iraq’s oil resources and the profits from its sale, payable yearly.

This will give every Iraqi a rational self interest in shutting down the terrorist insurgents, stopping all interference from outsiders, and putting aside sectarian differences so they can all cooperate towards making their yearly oil incomes.

I think this would be the perfect solution to a problem that promises to remain a terrible mess unless this is done.

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