Three Steps to Begin the Journey of Healing

We have become a nation dependent on instant gratification. Be it instant Coffee, an instant meal or instant money from an ATM we have grown lazy when it comes to putting forth effort to attain what we seek. The concept that healing is a process has become foreign to most, but it is just that, a process. Most of us would like to be better human beings. We strive to better ourselves yet we have little to no idea where to begin based solely on the fact that there is no instant way to go about it. In this article, I will share with you three places to start.

1.Be Present

Getting lost in the wreckage of the future or reverting into behaviors based on the pain of the past is tempting. While being present in the here and now is quite difficult, it essential to the journey of healing. Take a deep breath, keep a stone in your pocket to help you stay focused, and remember that this is the beginning. When it all feels like too much allow yourself to simply do the section of work in front of you and leave the rest for another day.


Be it ten minutes or two hours a day sit in a quiet place and clear your mind. Breathe deeply, release your expectations and allow yourself to simply be where you are. This practice will help you to separate from old shaming patterns and allow you to see yourself with less judgment. Being in conscious contact with the divinity within you will grant you a new freedom for the work ahead.

3.Seek Support

The journey of recovery is a personal one; still you should not go it alone. Whether it is groups of good friends, family or a therapist create a support system and use it. Seeking support will allow you the opportunity to get advice and share you struggles and stride with others. Having support is a fundamental principle when seeking to heal from old wounds.

We all have dark periods of time in our lives but as we begin the journey towards better days often that step is what makes us healthier, more capable people. When we stop expecting instant relief and begin to take steps daily, we become a part of the solution. These three starting places will assist you in the process to regain your strength, reclaim your life and recoup from the wounds that keep you bound. No matter what is going on around you today you know that you are moving forward. There are no ready-made, immediate solutions, but one day at time with a foundation built on these three tools you will be free enough to create the life you want.

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