Top 10 Summer Movies

All winter long you have been cooped up in the house like a hen in a nest because it has been too cold outside to go and do much of anything. Now that its summertime the days are long and nights are warm, it is prime time for having fun. Summer time means a good summer movie. There are many great movies out this summer and even if you only choose one of them, make sure that the summer movie you choose is a great one. But, summer is much too short to enjoy just one summer movie. There are ten great summer movies that you can see by yourself, with friends or with your summer fling.

One great summer movie is ‘The Break-Up’ starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. One of the things that makes this such a great summer movie is all the drama surrounding Jen’s real life break up with Brad Pitt who starred in one of last years hottest summer movie with Angelina Jolie. Vince and Aniston play a couple who has recently broken up after one of their many fights. The problem is that neither one of them wants to move out of their condo. So they spend their time as angry roommates who do nothing but annoy each other. Does this ‘Break-Up’ lead to a make up? You have to watch to find out.

Another hot summer movie is ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’. In part three of a series of movies based on a comic book a cure is found for the mutants. At the same time the Brotherhood, who wants to get rid of the mutants, starts a war against the government. This causes the X-Man to battle against the Brotherhood one last time.

‘The Omen’ is another hot summer movie that is based on the remake a 1976 film with the same title. In the movie, unbeknownst to an American diplomat and his wife their son is going to become the next Anti-Christ. A series of events unravels leading them to figure out the truth in this summer movie.

In the summer movie ‘Cars’, a race car thinks that he is living the life that he has always dreamed of. Somewhere along this road in his dream life he gets lost in a town that couldn’t care less about fame and fortune. Will this disillusioned race car figure out that there’s much more to life than money and notoriety? You’ll have to see this summer movie to find out.

‘Over the Hedge’ will prove to be a great summer movie. In this summer movie, RJ Raccoon makes a promise that he might not be able to keep as a bargain for his life when he is caught stealing food from Vincent the Bear. He has one week to restore all the food that he ate. Of course, RJ goes through many obstacles in order to get back the food and he just might make it in time to keep Vincent from killing him.

You can also see a great summer movie in the comfort of your own home. Choose a summer movie on DVD. This summer’s releases include ‘Date Movie’, ‘Freedomland’, ‘The Fantastic Four’, ‘Transamerica’, and ‘The Pink Panther’.

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