Travesty of Justice

You can’t go on and on encumbering the nation with lousy quality of governance and still expect the citizenry to have faith in the law and order machinery. Faith in the socialist system is all but gone. No less a personality than the Prime Minister is known to have said, ‘Socialist dream is dead.’ How true!
There is enough cynicism going around for sundry political groupings to exploit. Many of these political groupings are not of forces that lead, or rather they be of forces that mislead, of political forces intending to exploit the general sense of disenchantment for their own nefarious anti-national interests.

So by its failure to provide its citizens with an efficient law and order machinery the socialist government is in fact giving rise to anti-national sentiment- one that could in near future inspire a violent and confused revolution. Even if we escape the violence, an anti-incumbency factor has already become a reality.

The current regime too may get booted out of power when elections happen next time round. Not because they did too bad a job, but because the Indian electorate cannot tolerate the same set of stale ineffective socialists for two terms in a row.

Socialism fosters disenchantment not just by its failure on the economic front; it is a failure on every front. When it comes to maintaining law and order the socialist regimes have always performed worst in the world.

The abysmal state of law and order machinery in socialist India means that the rich and the powerful (politically connected) always manage to go scot-free. The general reaction to the acquittal of all the accused in Jessica Lal murder case delineates clearly the nadir that the reputation of the police and the government in general has breached.

What is worse about the verdict is that no one seems to be surprised at Manu Sharma being found not guilty. The verdict was expected. Being the son of a high profile minister Manu Sharma was expected to get away with murder and that is what he did. But did he? I mean did he get away with murder in the real sense? The answer to that is NO. The high profile media attention to this case has imparted him with an everlasting and enduring notoriety. Today he could easily be the most hated guy in the country.

Manu Sharma may take respite in the notion that public hatred like public accolade is of fleeting existence. Over a period of time public opinion gets obsessed with a fresh set of monsters, and Manu Sharma may have the chance to once again bask in his oblivion. Though it may not be as simple for him, the mists of time may not be enough to obfuscate the memories of his wanton act of murder.

Controversies such as the one he has inspired always leave something behind, even after the issue has been generally obliterated from public memory, and it is this desideratum of his crime that is going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Ours after all is the land of karma. We are the people who believe that actions we give birth to today influence our fortunes in the days to come or even in next life. Being a part of the same land, of the same ethos, Manu Sharma’s fortunes too must rise and fall on grist of his karma.

Though he has been spared the travail of serving time, Jessica’s murder is going to weigh heavy on every aspect of his life for as long as he lives. That is his karma, karma that he himself engineered that fateful April 30, 1999 when in the heat of mad anger he killed an innocent human being over a glass of whiskey.

Most annoying of all is the role played by the police. The SHO who conducted the shoddy investigation could as well be the author of a book titled, ‘How to let the murderers go scot-free and in the process collect a hefty bribe for oneself.’

After days of hue and cry raised in the media, a belated action has been taken against the erring SHO. He has been removed from his plum post and packed off to a relatively minor posting. But is that punishment enough? I am talking about a cop who fabricates evidence and conspires to let a murderer walk free. Shouldn’t there be a more stringent punishment for such erring cops?

Will someone please open a new training institute for the ‘senior cops’ in Delhi Police Force where these busybodies in khaki may get to learn modern investigating techniques! It is abhorrent that the archaic laws framed by our British imperialist masters in late 1800s still govern the police work in this country.

About time the moth eaten imperialist laws were consigned to museum archives or even better- dumped into the nearest garbage dump where the charwoman of history may sweep it away.

But in the end it has to be accepted that the travesty of justice that took place in Jessica Lal murder case was yet another nail in the rotten coffin of Indian Socialism. It is our hypocritical notions of socialism that has given rise to ruling elite, all powerful and beyond the pale of every law. Socialism does lead to concentration of too much power in the hands of too few people. That is what is happening in India.

A small elite comprising of politicians, bureaucrats, officers and some corrupt industrialists have taken control of the governing institutions. It is the Godfather Syndrome all the way. Unless the socialist system in the country is firmly dismantled and the way is paved for an open capitalist system, such travesties of justice will continue to get enacted.

It is time for a regime change in the nation. A regime change not of personalities but of ideology! The unjust system of socialism must be buried in a hole so deep that it cannot raise its ugly corrupt head again. The bright light capitalism has to dawn in the country and only then can we have the opportunity to live in an atmosphere of freedom and justice.

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