Triple X: Vin Deisel Stars in This Action Thriller

The movie Triple X stars Vin Deisel in an action packed thriller that is a must see for movie goers. Triple X is directed by Rob Cohen and is one of his best movies yet. While some may claim that this film is a replica of the James Bond movies, I would disagree.

James Bond is more of a man that uses charm and charisma, not to mention tactic to engage his opponents. A similarity is the complex and intricate gadgets that Vin Deisel receives in the movie but that is about it. Vin Deisel is his own man and that’s what makes this film so great.

One of the film’s opening shots stars Vin Deisel hijacking an expensive convertible and with a camera attached to it he speaks of how the senator whose car he has taken is taking away his freedoms. Chased by police, Vin Deisel drives onto a bridge that contains a ramp.

Stepping on the gas, Vin Deisel flies the car off of the bridge. Standing up, he releases his parachute, letting the car fall to the ground and explode. When Vin Deisel lands on the ground, his friends help him jump into a car after they have recorded his fly action stunt.

Vin Deisel plays the role of Xander Cage, a man who doesn’t believe in following the rules. At his fan base, his stunt is show but his party is immediately interrupted by police who shoot a sleeping dart at him. When he wakes up he is transported to a bar where he undergoes a test by government agent Samuel Jackson, who is brilliant in every movie he is in. After passing the first test, he is transported by airplane with a bunch of other men to
in a drug lord war.

He and two other men are captured by the drug lord and Vin Deisel must get out before he is killed. As he disarms the drug lord and frees himself and the other men, the Columbian army come and suspect Vin Deisel of being the drug lord. Fleeing to escape, Xander Cage rides a motorcycle and in a high flying stunt, (there are many in the film) he is able to escape the Columbian helicopter firing missiles at Xander Cage as he escapes.

After passing his second test, Samuel Jackson offers him the choice of working for him and the government as a spy or going to jail for hijacking the car. Xander Cage decides to become a spy and is transported to . Xander Cage is used by Samuel Jackson as a spy after several spies tried unsuccessfully to gather information about a nuclear attempt in
to destroy the continent.

There he meets an anarchist played by Morton Csokas with the goal of firing a nuclear weapon at a several countries so that they blame each other and go to war against each other. While becoming friends with the anarchist, he meets his girlfriend played by Asia Argento who is also a spy for the Russian government. They both gather intelligence for the American government.

However, when the Czech anarchist is finally ready to detonate the nuclear missiles, Vin Deisel must take drastic action and take down Morton Csokas’ anarchist empire. After finding out that Csokas has kidnapped scientists to build his nuclear weapon, he tries to stop the weapon from going off.

When the military is called in, Xander Cage is able to kill the Czech anarchist and attempts to disarm a boat containing the missiles. One by one he disarms the weapons and appears to have been killed. However, he finally surfaces from the ocean, alive, much to the chagrin of his Russian girlfriend and Samuel Jackson.

This film contained non-stop stunts and action scenes. There was not a dull moment in the film and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the action genre or who is also a big James Bond fan.

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