Visiting Atlantic City, New Jersey

Make sure you wear good walking shoes and have water as you set out to explore the once famous sea resort that is Atlantic City. Atlantic City has become a gambler’s mecca, but there are many other attractions to check out besides the casinos. Take a stroll down the Boardwalk and see the sights and sounds. Visit Lucy the Elephant and the Ocean Life Center. Pick up some sweets at Steel’s Fudge Shop and browse the Atlantic City Museum.

Known best for its Boardwalk, of notorious “Monopoly” fame, Atlantic City was the place to vacation in years leading up to WWII. Atlantic City’s economy slumped as it became easier and cheaper to fly to exotic locations by air after WWII. Atlantic City is one of America’s oldest seaports, dating back to 1854.

Ocean Life Center


With eight tanks totaling 29,800 gallons of live exhibit, the Atlantic City Aquarium boasts an impressive display of marine life, as well as a 750-gallon Touch Tank allows visitors to handle horseshoes, hermit and spider crabs, sea urchins, sea stars, common periwinkle, blue mussels, and more. Located in Atlantic City’s Historic Gardner’s Basin, the Atlantic City Aquarium offers an interesting and educational look into more than 100 varieties of fish and marine animals. Admission for children and seniors is around $4-$5; adults are $7.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Casinos, hotels, attractions, and retails stores front the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Various restaurants and amusements can be found, and the piers extend the boardwalk over the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic City Boardwalk begins at Absecon Inlet and runs along the beach for two miles to the city limit. An additional half-mile extends into Ventnor City. If you’re in Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is a must-see.

Lucy the Elephant

A fascinating piece of Americana, Lucy is a 65 foot high building built in 1881 that resembles a giant elephant dressed in royal Indian regalia. The outside of the structure was fashioned as a wooden elephant and the interior was transformed into a house. If you’re in Atlantic City, be sure to visit this amazingly strange bit of architecture, and don’t forget to bring your camera.Lucy the Elephant is one of Atlantic City’s strangest attractions, and well worth a visit.

Absecon Lighthouse

Absecon Lighthouse is the third tallest lighthouse in the United States and the tallest in New Jersey. The 228 steps to the top will provide you with a gorgeous view of the Jersey Shoreline.This old lighthouse is a staple of the Atlantic City Community and has been since its birth in 1857. Children under three are free; admission is $5 for adults and $2-$4 for children and seniors.

Atlantic City Historical Museum

Hosting a plethora of artifacts and exhibits from Atlantic City’s rich history, the Atlantic City Museum takes you through the rise, fall, and recovery of America’s most famous sea resort. As an aside, make sure to look for the larger-than life Mr. Peanut. The museum is located on Garden Pier on the Boardwalk. It is free to the public and open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Atlantic City Historical Museum is a must see if you’re in Atlantic City.

Steel’s Fudge

In business since 1919, Steel’s Fudge reputedly makes some of the best fudge known to man. If you’re in Atlantic City, pay them a visit and taste some old fashioned fudge and the salt water taffy they made famous. Steel’s Fudge claims to be the oldest family owned and operated fudge producer in the world.

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