Why the U.S. Cannot Invade Iran

The Bush adminstration has recently been talking about invading Iran now that they have nuclear capability. President Bush deems the Iranian government to be a threat to the U.S security and there has been talk about going into the country and taking out their nuclear weapons. In my essay I will discuss this scenario and state why this is a horrible idea that must not be pursued.
First and foremost, Iran definitley has nuclear weapons. It is no longer a question of if. The Iranian government, unlike the Iraq government has publically stated that they do have nuclear weapons and have been testing them out. Iran also has a history of disliking the U.S. ever since the CIA staged a coup to overthrow their government and put the Shah or Iran into power. Thet Triggered the Iranian Revolution, bringing the Ayatolla into power. The U.S. had wanted to put a puppet leader into power in Iran to serve hte interests of the U.S. but the Iranian people protested. The Iranian revolution’s main cause was that the country would not trade with the U.S. their abundant supply of oil.

Iran is the second largest exporter of oil and it is the country’s main source of revenue. The first leading exporter is Saudi Arabia which the U.S. actively buys from. To this day, Iran does nto sell oil to the U.S. which has driven up oil prices in the U.S. tremendously and has caused our country to look for other countries like Nigeria to buy oil from.

Getting back to the point that critics make about attacking Iran, such a war would be disasterous for the U.S. The U.S. is still at war in Iraq, a war that American is losing. The U.S. has still not been abilty to bring stability to the region or take out people who are opposed to U.S. interference. Every day there is an attack on the U.S. military and soldiers are stil ldying in Iraq. The war has caused the U.S. billions of dollars and the president just signed an order passed by Congress asking for another 250 billion dollars in money to go to the war effort. The initial estimates and costs for the war by Bush’s experts had costs at a low 1.7 billion dollars. Thats not even close to the amount that has been spent in the war.

Another point to make is that Iran does have nuclear weapons. If the U.S. attacks Iran, they will attack us back with everything they got, including their nuclear wepaons which would kill hudnreds of thouands of people and leave radiation for dozens of years to come in certain areas. Furthermore, the Iranian population is 4 times the size of Iraq. Their people already hate the U.S. and will fight back. If the U.S. cannot control the people of a country with 1/4 of the size of Iran, how can they possible do so with 4 times that amount? If we are already losing a war in Iraq, how can we win one in Iran?

The U.S. military is currently deployed in Iraq and there appears to be no end in sight. An invasion of Iran would take all of the aircraft, land and sea power that the U.S. military has. It cannot afford to only bring half of that over to war in Iraq becasue troops must still stay in Iraq. This brings me to my next point which is that the U.S. military is already calling up the reserves and is worried about the lack of troops in the army. If more deaths are to be reasonably assumed in a war in Iran, the U.S. military wil lbe stretched too thin for its own good and leave American open to attack. An invasion of Iran also begs to ask the question, how will the U.S. image look ine Arab world. Most Arab people already hate the U.S. Now it gives those moderates an even bigger reson to hate America and commit terrorist acts.

My final point to make is that China is Iran’s biggest ally. China is a huge importer of oil from Iran and will not stand by while the U.S. attacks Iranian oil and is unable to ship it to China. China might embargo the U.S. or sanction the economy, which will hurt thousands of jobs and hurt the U.S. economy tremendously. The U.S. relies heavily on China for its imports on goods and that is why the U.S. must maintain good relations with China.

These points all make an invasion of Iran a very dangerous and bad decision. It could devestate the U.S. military and economy in a war that we cannot win.

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