Will Porter of Oklahoma to Relase Rock, Paper, Scissors

When you hear where a new musician is from, you usually think it will be like all the other music you hear coming from that area. This is not true of Will Porter=s upcoming CD set, titled Rock, Paper, Scissors. Though he=s young guy from rural Oklahoma, Will=s style leans more toward R & B or Rock than the typical southern country or rock-a-billy styles favored by so many of his contemporaries. He and his music are unique, as they should be since he does it all himself. After resigning from Cardinal Trait, a local band for which he played bass guitar Will set up Porterhouse Studios in his home. From his studio, Will produces his own songs- he sings, plays the guitar, bass, and keyboard, and then polishes them up for all his loyal listeners.
Will is an open-minded, down-to-earth kind of guy. He is one of the good >ole boys and a hometown star at the same time. He=s a momma=s boy and a rebel. Perhaps it=s this juxtaposition of qualities in himself that leads to his exceptional musical style. Even Will doesn=t know where to classify his music. When asked about what genre he thinks he=s in, he simply states he doesn=t try to be in any specific group. Though he=s a newbie on the popular music scene, those who=ve known him for a long time have seen his music progress into what it is today: edgy, humorous, and all-around classy.

For Will Porter, music is life. He has been known to start singing for no reason, to play his guitar in parking lots, or to make up songs while you sitting there talking to him. Things like that are what make him unique. He stands head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to his songwriting. The initiative he has taken in self-promoting and self-recording his work is tremendous. But that is not all- he is willing to help any budding artist break onto the scene. I know of at least two other performers that Will is helping out of his home studio. He’s not only a top notch musican, he is a good ole boy on top of that.
If you are looking for something fresh and entertaining, break out of that rut. Click on over to http://www.myspace.com/willporter and listen to some of Will’s newest tracks. If you’re a Myspace member, add him as a friend and you will never miss a show. Or email him, or me, for that matter, and we’ll keep you in the loop. Until then, rock out with the one and only Will Porter!

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